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Math Pilot

In September our teachers and students began piloting (testing) new mathematics instructional materials that are fully aligned to the Massachusetts Mathematics Frameworks. This pilot, covering Kindergarten through 6th grade will guide us in our adoption of a new math program. 

The pilot began with the formation of a committee with representatives from each grade level, K-6 including special education, as well as the math specialist.  The committee reviewed the Massachusetts Standards, teacher requests, and math curriculum reviews from Ed Reviews before selecting three programs to pilot:
Everyday Math
Go Math

The committee developed a number of criteria on which pilot teachers were asked to provide feedback at several points during the school year: 
    ● alignment to MA frameworks including Content & Practice Standards 
    ● unit and benchmark assessments 
    ● student text/materials     
    ● student manipulatives 
    ● resources for differentiated instruction 
    ● teacher preparation and manual 
    ● online component teacher and students
At Curriculum evening in September each teacher let parents know what program was being piloted in their class, and were able to respond to any questions.   Our September PTO was focused on math. Parents were able to ask questions regarding approach and materials.  Video of math presentation can be found on our private Facebook site.

Timeline for the Math Pilot Program

May-June 2016
Pilot Committee meets to plan & Select 

June 2016
Evaluation samples available for teacher & teacher selection of curriculum to pilot

July-August 2016

Materials arrive and teachers prepare for school.  Training videos or in person scheduled for teachers

September 2016

Pilot begins in 16 of 20 classrooms

January 2017
Teacher input of data, data analysis, and conversations leading to program adoption

June & August 2017:
Curriculum implementation