Exhibitionary Learning

We inspire the motivation to learn; engaging students and teachers in new levels of challenge and effort, and transforming classrooms into places where students and adults become leaders of the learning. We provide a model that challenges students of all abilities with high-level tasks, active roles in the classroom, and teaches academic skills, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Our Projects:
                  Digital Personal Narratives
Grade 2 - Mrs. Kay's Butterflies
                Mrs. Savage & Mrs. Littlefield's Book Store
Grade 3 - Douglas Habitat Inhabitants
Grade 4 - Mrs. Bethel & Mrs. Breslin Map Perspectives

Grade 5 - Colonies - From survival to society
Grade 6 - Mrs. Christensen's Word Court
                Mrs. Oxnard's The Emperor's New Clothes
                 Mrs. Barolsky's Anthropology

Past Projects
Mrs. Giannetto  

Mrs. Hillman's 5th Grade Project - The 1800's

                    Our Publications:
                            Mrs. Giannetto's 5th Grade Class 2016
Simple Social StudiesMrs. Sheridan's 5th Grade Class 2016
Service AnimalsMiss Lavin's 1st Grade Class 2015
Birds, Birds, BIRDS!Miss Hunt's 1st Grade Class 2015
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