Progress Reports

The Douglas School progress report is one part of the elementary school process for reporting student progress and performance. The process includes the following:

  • weekly or bi-weekly class folders that contain school work for parent attention
  • a fall conference scheduled in October or November which provide a one-on-one opportunity with the classroom teacher to discuss child progress
  • three progress reports which are available via PowerSchool in December, March and June  2023-24 Progress Reports Schedule
  • a spring conference which provides a one-on-one opportunity with the classroom teacher to discuss child progress

The progress report describes your child's progress toward the end of the year learning standards and expectations in each subject area and in social and emotional learning.

The progress report is built upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. However, progress report items are not exactly the same as benchmarks or learning standards. Because there are so many standards in each subject, only the most essential skills and concepts are reflected on the progress report. These are clustered into strands or domains that reflect the way each subject area is organized. Therefore, a single report card category may include several benchmarks or learning standards. It is important to remember that regardless of the time of year, your child’s progress is being measured according to learning expectations, not in comparison to other children in the class or grade.

Performance Indicators

The progress report has a 4-point scale used to indicate academic performance. This is used exclusively in grades 1-5. Grade 6 uses both the 4-point scale and a more traditional A-C letter-grade system. Grade 5 uses this system the last reporting term.

Performance Level:

Your child's performance level will be indicated with 4, 3, 2, 1 as described below. 


Student Performance Description


Exceeds - Student exceeds grade level expectations by independently applying and utilizing concepts or skills


Meets - Students fully meets grade level expectations for concepts and skills at this time of year.


Growing - Students show growth in his or her understanding of grade level concepts 


Emerging - Student shows an emerging awareness of concepts and skills. 


Not assessed this term


97-100 A+
94-96   A
90-93   A-
87-89 B+
84-86 B
80-83 B-
77-79 C+
74-76 C
70-73 C-
Below 70 - Having Difficulty
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